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If you are an entrepreneur or sales professional who has a strong desire to increase your reach and revenue by learning how to sell more authentically the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy is an excellent fit.


Is this YOU?

Everyone sees you as a Rockstar

On the inside however, you don’t feel like you are getting any traction and your sales numbers agree. You rock your industry and you are brilliant in your zone. You are a world changer… except, you can’t change the world if you can’t attract and help the people who need you the most. You love meeting new people, but can seldom get past having a social relationship. You make some sales by accident, but, you don’t have a repeatable process… a system that tells you what to do, when to do it, and what to say.

A few questions to consider…

Who has time for more sales conversations that go nowhere?

When was the last time you asked for the sale without shaking in your shoes?

How do you handle it when clients say no? Do you know if you should continue to call them or take them out of your database?

How would it feel to have confident sales conversations and systematic steps so you know what to do and when to do it?

You need a sales process that helps you to find your ideal clients, communicate effectively, follow-up flawlessly, and close more deals quickly all without that dreaded ‘sales anguish’.

This is for you if…

You feel like you have the pieces to the puzzle, yet you can’t quite figure the puzzle out.

You are going through the motions, hoping for the next sale, but you don’t have a strong pipeline whereby you can project your income.

You want to feel sincere and clear when introducing yourself at a networking event and be easily remembered when the event is over.

You are sick of calling and calling your prospective clients, but can’t figure out why they won’t call you back.

You are at your wits end. You know you have a calling to help your clients, but you can’t keep doing this if you aren’t making any real money.


Why I Care So Deeply About This

For most of my career sales simply sucked.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the capacity to sell, I just thought sales felt icky and insincere. I was much more comfortable just having a conversation with someone. Once the time came to actually “do business” or ask for the sale, I could literally feel my stomach turn. I would make every excuse possible, in my head, for why they didn’t want to buy from me. These negative internal conversations would always prevent me from having a seamless conversation that naturally progressed to asking for the sale and feeling good about it.

After much agonizing, I left my sales job to run a non-profit.

It felt so good initially. I thought, “Good! Now I won’t have to sell anything”… Until I had to start asking donors for money (Ohhh man! That was just selling repackaged!) I did that for about a year, then I opened my own staffing company only to find out that I now had to sell all the time just to keep my doors open.

I eventually embraced the fact that I could no longer run away from what I was called to do.

I had to learn to sell in a way that felt natural and allowed me to be me.  I have developed the curriculum that has worked for my business, has done wonders for my clients.  Now that I have mastered the art (and science) of authentic selling I want to shout it from the rooftops!  You can’t run from what you are called to do either and guess what?  It involves selling.  People need you and you have a big responsibility to change your world and impact those around you.  This course will give you the confidence, skills, and structure necessary to make more money, changes lives, and enjoy the ride.   It’s already inside of you.  Let me help you tap into your inner sales expert so you can do the work you are called to do.


How the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy has helped others

"This course has done wonderful things for my sales process. I love that Tish holds my feet to the fire, firmly encourages me, and provides simple and effective tips for networking and sales. My follow-up process has improved 100%. I have closed several clients in the last few weeks since working with her - some of them on the initial sales call. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to up their business game!"

Kristy Honsvick – CEO, Admin Ease

"I heard Tish speak live, so I expected great things from this class. It did not disappoint - I have been so impressed! Tish breaks down great content into easy to understand, easy to implement steps. I have already experienced "ah-ha" moments that have changed the way I introduce myself and how I follow-up with new and potential clients. The classroom set up for this online course is great as well - being able to learn from Tish and the other students in the "room" has proven to be a huge value to my business. Thank you Tish!"

Amber Griffiths – CEO, Your Brand by Design


Academy Process

  • Classes are held weekly. Each course is six weeks long.

  • Each course is recorded and posted in the client forum.

  • If you’re working a full-time job, running a business or just crazy busy, don’t worry about falling behind. You can always attend live classes or slow things down and do the work on your own schedule.

  • Once a month hop on live ‘Office Hours’ calls with Tish where she’ll provide guidance and tackle your toughest questions. We record all calls so you can listen and learn at your convenience.

  • Your care and satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, write [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.


What You Get

  • Everything is Online. No Travel Required.

  • The entire program is based online so you can participate from home or work.

  • All course materials, including videos, MP3s, homework assignments and additional resources are within our online member portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow students online.

Enrollment & Tuition

  • Individual Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy courses available for enrollment, however, most students find the best results by attending the entire program.

  • Yes, we also offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this experience. And we’re happy to back that up with our risk-free money back guarantee.

  • Please contact us at 877-546-7408 to discuss tuition for the entire certificate program, to obtain group rates for sales teams, or to learn about our class bundle programs.



Enrollment Dates

New classes begin August 14, 2018

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Course Breakdown

Course 101 - Busy to Bankable Sales Strategies

Class 1: Initiating the Interaction: Powerful engagement statements and attention-grabbing differentiators

Class 2: Developing a Profitable Pipeline

Class 3: Networking for Measurable Bottom Line Impact

Class 4: Getting Comfortable with Sales Conversations

Class 5: Kick Objections to the Curb

Class 6: Follow Up Like a Boss

Course 102 – Confidence for Sales

Class 1: Mastering Internal Conversations

Class 2: Pattern Interrupt for Sales Success

Class 3: Proper Preparation to Prevent Poor Performance

Class 4: Confident Communication

Class 5: What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say

Class 6: Unstoppable Confidence


Course 103 – Sales Planning

Class 1: Networking 101

Class 2: Tech Tips – Using your CRM Properly

Class 3: Opt In’s and Free Gifts

Class 4: Automated Email Responses

Class 5: Online and Social Lead Generation

Class 6: Creating Your Sales Plan

Course 104 – Prospecting

Class 1: Cold Calls

Class 2: Warm Calls

Class 3: Being a Trusted Resource for Prospective Clients

Class 4: Relationship Building

Class 5: Being Client Attractive

Class 6: Creating Your Own “Prospecting Events”


Course 105 – Sales Conversations

Class 1: Asking intelligent sales questions

Class 2: Building Rapport

Class 3: Uncover Pain and Aspirations

Class 4: Negotiating

Class 5: Communicating the Solution

Class 6: Asking for the sale

Course 106 – Cards 2 CASH Follow-Up Masterclass

Class 1: Making a 1st Impact (so they remember you when you call)

Class 2: Making the First Contact

Class 3: What do You Say When You Connect?

Class 4: Multiple Media Follow-Up Strategies to Avoid Stalking Behavior

Class 5: Getting a Quick Response

Class 6: Follow-Up Frequency


Course 107 – Closing the Sale

Class 1: Establish Trust

Class 2: Create a Sense of Urgency

Class 3: Overcoming Objections

Class 4: Prove Value

Class 5: Know When to Slow Down and Be Quiet

Class 6: Master Storytelling

Course 108 – Nurturing Client Relationships

Class 1: Study Your Client and their Industry

Class 2: Prompt Responses

Class 3: Creating Shock and Awe

Class 4: Client Collaboration

Class 5: Consistent Client Communication

Class 6: Client Celebrations


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