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If you are an entrepreneur or sales professional who has a strong desire to increase your reach and revenue by learning how to sell more authentically the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy is an excellent fit.


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This is for you if…

You feel like you have the pieces to the puzzle, yet you can’t quite figure the puzzle out.

You are going through the motions, hoping for the next sale, but you don’t have a strong pipeline whereby you can project your income.

You want to feel sincere and clear when introducing yourself at a networking event and be easily remembered when the event is over.

You are sick of calling and calling your prospective clients, but can’t figure out why they won’t call you back.

You are at your wits end. You know you have a calling to help your clients, but you can’t keep doing this if you aren’t making any real money.

"This course has done wonderful things for my sales process. I love that Tish holds my feet to the fire, firmly encourages me, and provides simple and effective tips for networking and sales. My follow-up process has improved 100%. I have closed several clients in the last few weeks since working with her - some of them on the initial sales call. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to up their business game!"

Kristy Honsvick – CEO, Admin Ease