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Sales Academy Bonus Course - Profitable Networking

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Networking 101 Profitable Networking Week 1. Finding Profit-Worthy Networking Events for YOUR Business Develop a focused networking agenda to keep you on target and make every minute and interaction count Identify the absolute ideal clients for your business, products, services, and personal passions Learn to recognize the networking traps...Learn More!

Quarterly Business Retreat

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...Learn More!

Networking is NOT a One Night Stand

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Some people treat networking events like a pick up bar. Get as many numbers as you can. Hope you can score with one or two. Wonder why it seemed like such a great connection at the event; however, now he or she wont return your phone call. Tish Times teaches you how to scrap the pick up bar approach as she introduces you to a higher...Learn More!

Networking Playbook

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- Get a networking for every week of the year - Document where you want to network, - Who you would like to connect with, - Track your networking dollars, - and more! Only $15 plus shipping ...Learn More!

Hands-Free Follow-Up Solution

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Make follow up calls for you after networking events, conferences, and meetings Help fill your calendar by scheduling revenue generating calls and sales activities for you Warm marketing calls New client welcome calls Calls to help you generate speaking opportunities and other money making events Mail out hand-written notes Set up...Learn More!

Unstoppable Confidence T-Shirt

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