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Meet Tish!

Tish Times, founder and CEO of HireTimes Training & Coaching Group, started her career over seventeen years ago in the employment industry. As a staffing company owner Tish developed a unique expertise for helping people connect. As a Networking Strategist and coach,  Tish uses a unique approach to networking in order to help companies increase employee engagement, improve camaraderie, minimize silos and create cross-training programs in the workplace.  Tish specializes in coaching entrepreneurs to amplify their business and increase profits with unparalleled networking strategies.

Tish is a sales and networking expert, coach, professional facilitator, speaker, and trainer. She is a frequent speaker for professional associations and conferences regarding business development, workplace improvement, communication, confidence building, assertiveness in the workplace and a host of other issues. 

Because of Times’ expertise and skill, her workshops, one-to-one consultations, group facilitation, and individual performance coaching are not the typical “packaged” programs. Her ability to address free-flowing dialogue and inquiry allows individuals and groups to grow past their own obstacles and develop tools for success.

Most recently, Tish has developed the Unstoppable Confidence Sales & Networking University, a training academy that teaches a systematic, sincere and effective approach to sales and networking to produce lucrative bottom line results.  Tish Times is an International Best Selling Author of  “Bold is Beautiful, Breakthrough to Business Strategies”,  the author of "Networking is Not a One-night Stand" and “The Networking Playbook”.  For more information on her expertise and services, or to join her community, visit or contact her at [email protected]