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Delighted Clients!


The Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy has made the uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming idea of "sales" into the process of networking, building relationships and serving people.

I have learned how to:

1. Ask the right questions upfront to determine if it's a right fit

2. Listen, gain understanding and go from there

I love how Tish systematically breaks down the components into manageable segments, making the process much less daunting and more fun.

This class is a must for anyone who wants to be able to serve others not sell them. For entrepreneurs, it provides a proven system to follow and replicate. For sales professionals, it provides strategies and insight into how to authentically relate and build relationships to serve instead of sell.

- Kathleen Gramzay


In the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy I have learned how to research my ideal clients so I have the right questions to ask. Tish teaches us how to easily locate specific people to work with without it being weird. Additionally, I’ve learned how to structure sales calls so that it leads to more yeses! I like the format of the classes. It’s great that Tish gives homework assignments that provide opportunities for me to use what I am learning and therefore grow my business. I would definitely recommend this class to other entrepreneurs especially if they struggle with getting more prospects that turn into customers.

- Kimberly O’Bannon


I heard Tish speak live, so I expected great things from this class. It did not disappoint - I have been so impressed! Tish breaks down great content into easy to understand, easy to implement steps. I have already experienced "ah-ha" moments that have changed the way I introduce myself and how I follow-up with new and potential clients. The classroom set up for this online course is great as well - being able to learn from Tish and the other students in the "room" has proven to be a huge value to my business. Thank you Tish!

- Amber Griffiths


This course has done wonderful things for my sales process. I love that Tish holds my feet to the fire, firmly encourages me, and provides simple and effective tips for networking and sales. My follow-up process has improved 100%. I have closed several clients in the last few weeks since working with her - some of them on the initial sales call. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to up their business game!

- Kristy Honsvick


I used your advice on finding the right clients and I just landed my first $30,000 coaching client! Thank you for all your help and motivation to value myself more. With more confidence I make more money.

- Rebecca Licalsi




Tish gives very specific, well-worded, instructions for the practices and homework assignments. Besides all that specific, Tish has a loving heart and I always felt safe asking what I thought would really basic basic how to do a selfie. She took time out after class and demonstrated it, then had me do it.

- Carol Becker



Tish Times changed my world. She got me networking, both online and offline and it increased my business income by $120,000. The stronger I get, the more I can do for my clients. Working with Tish is a game changer.

- Glenda Toon



My confidence has skyrocketed. I have always been introverted but through classes you've taught, I've learned to work with my personality and not against it. I don't have to be perfect and the loudest in the room. But if I do my homework beforehand, I can go with the knowledge that I need to talk to a specific 3-5 people that I believe will make great business connections. It's still outside my comfort zone but I don't have to be the life of the party to enjoy the benefits of networking.

- Rebekah Jones



The team that handles Hands Free Follow-Up is a tremendous lifesaver! I recommend all of my clients to this company and manage accounts for several of my clients. The team is professional, super easy to work with and most importantly they get the job done and on time. I am truly grateful to work with a team that understands the finesse of follow-up and tackles the tasks with enthusiasm and pride in their work. It's been a game-changer and lifesaver for me and my clients!

- Katie Myers



Corporate Training Feedback


As a result of our work with Tish, our office personnel is better educated on overall roles and responsibilities, we are a more cohesive and productive team, and communications have improved within the office.

- Elizabeth Flores, University of Texas at El Paso


We have a better understanding and respect for each other as a result of Tish’s training. The benefits of her experience, knowledge, and ability to relay that information to employees is what you need to get your business to the next level.

- Teresa Gandara, Owner, Pencil Cup Office Products


Having good intentions to lead a team successfully is great, but having the tools to achieve and making good on those intentions will be a challenge. Tish's training guides you and gives you those tools necessary to create a successful team.

- Terrie Carr, Lead Technician, Northeast Veterinary Clinic


Tish really takes the time to get to know each member of your team. She also helps develop the existing positive traits and mold the negative ones into something better suited for the business at hand. I am now able to communicate with my team better. I am more nurturing and compassionate because of our work with Tish.

- Letty Lawrence, Northeast Veterinary Clinic


Working with Tish has improved communication at my clinic. At Tish's recommendation, we now meet weekly each week to get ourselves on "the same page" whereas before we didn't. By working with Tish, you will learn to come together as a team and feel more positive about yourself and your co-workers.

- Dr. Robin Dettman, Stellar Veterinary Services


The group coaching sessions with Tish help to direct & unify our goals. Tish Times Corporate Training has helped our team solidify its vision, improve communication, and has set a foundation for personal improvement and self-motivation.

- Dr. Susana Bailey, Stellar Veterinary Services


Tish Times has changed my life and career, I am learning that in order to be a good leader I must care for me first. She has taught me that it's okay to say NO to things that don't serve me well and still be effective. Tish's attention to detail when listening to my issues is very valuable. The suggestions and insight she provides help me to do my job and lead my team better.

- G Garcia, Montana Animal Clinic