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Sales Academy Bonus Course - Profitable Networking

Sales Academy Bonus Course - Profitable Networking

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Profitable Networking Course

Networking 101 – Profitable Networking

Week 1. Finding Profit-Worthy Networking Events for YOUR Business

  • Develop a focused networking agenda to keep you on target and make every minute and interaction count
  • Identify the absolute ideal clients for your business, products, services, and personal passions
  • Learn to recognize the networking traps that zap your time and waste your money
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself with the top questions to evaluate potential events and opportunities


Week 2. Determine Your Networking Persona

  • Explore your unique (and amazing!) personality to determine which networking persona best describes you
  • Learn the exact networking tactics for your persona and your strengths, instead of following a cookie-cutter model that fits no one
  • Understand different personas and networking styles to confidently connect with others at events
  • Develop a bag of tricks to overcome shyness and self-doubt when connecting with powerful or intimidating people


Week 3. How Do You Come Across in Networking Events?

  • Gain a sense of insight through exercises that explore how your actions really come across to others
  • Define the most important qualities for others to see when they meet you to present yourself in the best possible way
  • Incorporate techniques to manage your behavior to show others the best side of yourself
  • Banish self-consciousness by gaining a sense of control over your first impressions


Week 4. Perfecting Your Online Networking Presence

  • Learn to engage an audience online by modifying techniques you use to engage them in-person
  • See how to incorporate social listening into your networking arsenal to figure out what your new connections really want
  • Understand the common pitfalls to avoid when it comes to online relationships
  • Master proper Internet etiquette to respectfully connect with your network and make sales online


 Week 5. Systematizing Your Networking Follow-Up

  • Gain an understanding of optimal follow-up timing – how soon is too soon, and how late is too late?
  • Create a foolproof system to lightly touch people on a regular basis to develop relationships and stay on their minds
  • Learn the right number of days, weeks, and months between your interactions to maximize your results
  • See how to use patience and perseverance to secure future sales with a client who is not yet ready to purchase


Week 6. Tracking the Dollars – How Much Are You Making With Your Networking?

  • Get a thorough understanding of how networking affects your bottom line
  • Learn my recommendations for the best systems to use track your contacts, events, outcomes, costs and profits
  • Analytically evaluate the value of specific networking groups, memberships, and events are for your business
  • Analyze that data to optimize your future networking strategy to experience better results month after month and year after year