Yes, your perfect clients are out there.

Let’s all be frank for a moment, shall we?

“Giving up” has crossed all of our minds multiple times throughout this journey of entrepreneurship. And would it surprise you if I said that most of those instances of self-doubt and feelings of failure arise when your sales (and therefore, income) are down?

It’s basic psychology. We want to feel valuable, in-demand, and worthy of the success we’ve dreamed of.

I promise you, landing clients – and achieving those feelings of self-value, worthiness and success – happens with grace and ease when you know the foundations of networking and relationship-based sales.

I help clients stop guessing, and start implementing the never-fail strategies for finding, communicating with, and converting ideal prospects into exceptional clients.

For managers and professionals who want to be more effective in their leadership style and staff members who are ready to break through plateaus and get to the next level in their career.

For Sales Teams and Entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their income, struggling to meet their sales goals, need to fill their pipeline, and lack an effective follow-up system. This will be most effective for those ready to increase their income and develop systems to confidently and easily close more sales.

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Tish systematically breaks down the components.

“The Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy has made the uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming idea of “sales” into the process of networking, building relationships and serving people.

I love how Tish systematically breaks down the components into manageable segments, making the process much less daunting and more fun.

This class is a must for anyone who wants to be able to serve others not sell them.”

Kathleen Gramzay

I learned how to research my ideal clients.

“I have learned how to research my ideal clients so I have the right questions to ask. Tish teaches how to easily locate specific people to work with without it being weird.

Additionally, I’ve learned how to structure sales calls so that it leads to more yes-es!

If you are struggling with getting prospects into customers, talk with Tish!”

Kimberly O’Bannon

I have been so impressed!

Tish breaks down great content into easy to understand, easy to implement steps.

I have already experienced “ah-ha” moments that have changed the way I introduce myself and how I follow-up with new and potential clients… being able to learn from Tish and the others in the room has proven to be a huge value to my business. “

Amber Griffiths

I landed my first $30,000 client!

I used your advice on finding the right clients and I just landed my first $30,000 coaching client!

Thank you for all your help and motivation to value myself more. With more confidence I make more money.

Rebecca Licalsi

Tish Times changed my world.

She got me networking, both online and offline and it increased my business income by $120,000. The stronger I get, the more I can do for my clients. Working with Tish is a game changer.

Glenda Toon

ready to begin intentionally networking today?

Sometimes seeking out the best networking events is the easy part… but actually starting an electrifying conversation can be a source of angst.

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Networking & sales were not always easy for me.

Having a plan is integral to your business success.

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