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I get you...

The idea of calling or inboxing 100 people you don't know everyday feels icky, inauthentic, and just wrong!

You're successful, high earning, and you are one of best in your industry when it comes to your genius zone but, sales isn't your favorite thing.

You also know that without sales you can't scale your business. You want to genuinely connect and easily convert... While still having some automation and tools to expedite the sales process.

Helping clients to sell without sleaze, develop processes that make sales easier, and use the tools that create sales consistency is my jam! Let's do this together!

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What if You Could Attract and Convert Perfect Leads Consistently?

Ramp Up Sales Conversion in 12 Weeks or Less

If sales calls are overwhelming to you, you are attracting the wrong leads OR you are only closing 30% or less of your prospects into clients...

YOU may be a perfect fit for the

Premium Sales Intensive

Sales Mastery

A business school that teaches a systematic, sincere, and effective approach to networking and sales to produce lucrative bottom-line results.

Networking and Sales Planner

This planner helps you create the systems to skyrocket your income

and allow you to network with confidence.

You'll be able to craft your networking plan every week to make sure you aren't wasting valuable time and ensure that you are

getting a great return on your investment. Only $59 for Physical Planner & $49 for Digital

Sales Training

We have the #1 sales training program for team members who don't realize they are in sales! Yet, we provide systems, routines, and skills for seasoned sales professionals as well as one on one coaching for team members.

Our programs include individual coaching for your team members helping them to breakthrough mental

blocks, and develop high performance habits to close more (and bigger) sales.


Oretis Ascencio

Personally, I do not like to sell, but I love engaging with people. I never wanted to come across as a pushy salesperson. However, Tish taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin while building my revenue opportunities. I learned how important it is to follow up on opportunities and contacts to grow your business. I highly recommend Tish Times! She is amazing and will guide your business in the right direction.

Kathleen Gramzay

I love how Tish systematically breaks down the components into manageable segments, making the process much less daunting and more fun. This class is a must for anyone who wants to be able to serve others not sell them. For entrepreneurs, it provides a proven system to follow and replicate. For sales professionals, it provides strategies and insight into how to authentically relate and build relationships to serve instead of sell.

Glenda Toon

Tish Times changed my world. She helped me to increase my business income by $120,000. Working with Tish is a game changer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've got answers

Are your programs 1:1 or group programs

We have both options available and Tish will recommend the option that best fits where you are in your business. Your assessments will also tell us a little more about how you best learn and implement. It may be recommended that you switch programs based on your results. (not mandatory, but recommendation will be made)

Are weekly sessions required?

At the end of the day, if you don’t sell enough – you won’t be in business for long. You should give yourself a high five for joining the program and starting the journey towards sales consistency. Our programs are designed to help you get fast (sustainable) results. It is important that you play full out so you reap the rewards of your efforts. Sessions will be labeled as required or recommended so you can schedule appropriately.

Am I a good fit for your programs?

If you are a coach, consultant, or agency owner you are likely a great fit for this program.

If you are a business owner with a small sales team of 1-3 members (even if you don't call them sales people) - you and your team are likely a great fit for this program.

If you are currently earning 100K-500K and you are charging at least $3000 for your offer you are likely a great fit.

If you want to set up a repeatable sales system so you can bring in consistent revenue you are likely a great fit.

If you’re already successful and want to master sales you are a likely a great fit.

Is there a guarantee?

All of our programs are a collaborative effort. Our promise is that we will help you resolve your sales leaks and implement a STRUCTURED HIGH CONVERTING SALES PROCESS. You must show up to 90% of the calls, sessions, or meetings fully engaged, camera on, present in the room. You must do the work that is recommended by our team and submit the reports and homework within the timeframe required. If you are doing the work but, you still don't meet or exceed your goal, we will continue to work with you until you reach your goal at no additional cost.

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